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Liran Ben-Ari

General Manager

Had the opportunity to work with Sivan for 8 straight years, the added value he contributed in many areas of our work - was significant! it is kind of rare to have a person who has such a deep tech understanding, same time business minded, and above all - brings to the table revolutionary ideas of how to achieve your desires. looking fwd to the day that our paths will come a cross once again.

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Danel Levy

VP R&D at Naxex Technological Development Ltd

Few people have the opportunity to work with a professional leader like Sivan. I had the pleasure of working with Sivan for 8 years in different companies. Sivan played two major roles at the same time as a CEO and VP Product at Naxex. As part of his role as VP Product, he identified creative ideas, developed sharp strategies and built the road map while focusing on customer experience and business needs. Any company would be lucky to have Sivan as a major part of her team.


Yossi Melamed

Director of Communities at ClimaCell

I had the honor to work with Sivan on a project for a year. We had a lot of hours of meetings together face to face and online. It always was a pleasure and super professional. Always super creative, thinking out of the box and dealing with complex issues.  I had a great time and learned a lot!I am sure Sivan would give an enormous value for everyone.

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Kostya Fridman

Database Team Leader

I had the opportunity and privilege to work with Sivan from 2014 through 2018. During this time I interfaced with Mr. Kadosh in the capacity of Database Team Leader, while Sivan's role remained constant as a Chief Executive Officer. In each of my engagements with Sivan, he, myself and the teams involved were able to collaborate very effectively on the projects from start to finish. Sivan's demeanor is thoughtful, attentive, calm and friendly, even under the most stressful of circumstances and working with the most difficult of people. I highly recommend Sivan Kadosh's talent and expertise, as an individual and as a professional

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Ofer Salpeter

Senior Product Manager at Naxex Technological Development Ltd.

Sivan was my direct manager for a few years. He was the CEO of the company (Naxex Tech) and at the same time managed the product team. As a product manager, I can say that Sivan is very professional - always looking deeply on the discussed feature to understand end to end its effect on the whole product, and as well the eager to understand what would be the added value to the strategy of the company. Nothing was added without a clear scope of development, a clear understanding of the business owner and a clear way to measure the success or failure of this feature. As people manager, Sivan has a unique approach to get to know and appreciate each and every one - both in the product team and in the company he was directing. I can say that until this day, Sivan's name is mentioned in the company. It was my pleasure to work with you, Sivan, and to learn so much from you - until this day.

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Hristo Hristov

Quality Assurance Engineer at Negometrix

Great professional!!! The best manager which every employee could have. With deep business and technical knowledge, but his greatest talent and asset is to lead people. He is able to create a team from any group of people with whom to fulfill all company goals. Always open-minded for innovations and good ideas. I learned a lot from him and I will be happy our professional paths to cross again.