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SARA - System for automatic retention and acquisition. Imagine a world where each customer in your database is being evaluated every second . The outcome of this evaluation is the current "life cycle stage" of the customer. For each unique "life cycle stage" we are building the perfect UX and UI , The entire experience and settings of the system are changing dynamically according to the current stage and state  of the customer....what do you think about that ?!


SARA - Marketing Automation

The CJM is an amazing platform that allows the marketers to create a complex internal marketing campaigns based on customer AI segmentation . Let's say that the system identifies (based on AI engine) that a specific customer is more likely to buy dividend stocks , The system will be assigned him to the relevant campaign and he will start getting marketing messages regarding the hottest  opportunities of dividend stocks.(Internal and external banners , Emails,  Push notification , SMS's etc.)

CJM - Customer Journey Manager


People usually think that everything that could be done on stocks and FX platforms is already done. Well , they are wrong....One of the highest conversion barriers in this "serious" world of stocks and FX is the complexity of these systems .This complexity is not allowing beginner customers to step in and the companies are losing money. During the last 13 years I have designed and developed 4 FX and Stocks trading platforms and each version was more innovative then the previous one, allowing beginners to make their first steps in the investment world. Once the customer reached a certain level the system changed according to his new skills....That is innovation! 

Stocks Trading Platforms

Customer Journey Manager

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Let's say that your sales agents have 20 new customer that he has to take care every day. What is his best way to prioritize his work ? Should he even deal with prioritization ? You know the answer , Sales people have to do sales and nothing but sales , spending time on other things is a waste of money. I have created an engine that knows how to assign the right customer to the right agent in the right moment in a click of of a button. With this engine in place we were able to increase call rate by 50% , conversion rate by 30% and LTV by 43%. Pretty amazing , right...?!

In the world that I'm coming from we are always say that a $ that you can't measure , don't spend. Over the years I have created state-of-the-art BI systems , processing billions of transactions a day and allowing analysis departments to provide an accurate data to the business. Creating a good BI platform is an expansive thing that you want to do once....Make sure you are choose the right people to design and develop it.