How The COVID-19 Can Be A Bliss For Offline Business (with the right system in place)

The COVID-19 is going to change the world as we know it. Social distancing is going to become a serious challenge for offline businesses that their entire income is being generated by meeting with people. Offline businesses won’t be able to avoid going online anymore, they will have to do it if they want to survive. The truth is that until today there are no any system that is giving a full holistic solution for these businesses. A business that want to go online have to creatively create a solution for himself. A year and a half ago a friend of mine that is dealing with homeopathic treatment asked my advice how he can scale his business. We brainstormed together and we have realized that in the current market the competition is too high and maybe he needs to start experimenting other markets around the globe and meet his patients online. After this meeting I couldn’t stop thinking about his need and when I came home, I started researching if there is any tool that allows offline businesses to start getting customers from other markets ONLINE. In addition, I thought that the need that my friend presented is the same need of other professions such as: Lawyers, Coachers, Financial advisors, Astrologists, Therapists, etc. These small businesses were never online and most of them don’t know anything about running an online business. I started analyzing this idea and I made a list of the high-level ingredients that this system should have in order to support offline small businesses in their efforts to go online.

Here is the list:

1. Section 1 – CRM, In the CRM section will allow users to manage their customers: Change phones , Write notes , Set reminders , etc'.

2. Section 2 – Meeting Summaries, in this section the user can write meeting summaries and share it with its customers and with other professionals.

3. Section 3 – Communication, in this section the user will be able to save and browse all the communication with the customer (emails, phone calls, video calls, etc’)

4. Section 4 – Finance, In this section the user can track the billing activity of each customer + Payments for affiliates.

5. Section 5 - Virtual meeting room, video conferencing tool. With all the obvious features (recording, chatting, sending files, etc.)

6. Section 6 - Calendar management, with this calendar the user will be able to manage his meetings.

7. Section 7 - Marketing Section, In this section the user will be able to build offers for affiliate marketers that will advertise his services. For example, a lawyer (let's call him John) will define that he is willing to pay 10% from his fee for every new customer that he will get from an affiliate. This is the most important section that the entire business model will be based on.

This is the general look of John’s (the user) Dashboard:

I was thinking also to develop a website builder, something similar to 'WIX' but i realized that i won't be able to compete with the giants in this niche plus I don't want to force all the users to migrate their website to this system . It will be a serious barrier in the conversion efforts. Therefor i thought about an elegant solution, the user will have only to integrate a link in his website, that's it! Let’s take John our NY lawyer, he already has a nice website, the only thing that he needs to do is to implement a button of “book a meeting now” and this button will lead to the new system. This is the page that the potential customer will see after clicking the "book a meeting" button:

In This page the customer will be able to see the availability of John and thru this page he will be able to book his meeting. Once the customer will click on an available hour, he will be presented with the payment popup.

Step 1 :

Step 2:

Once the user finishes to book his meeting, an email with a unique link to john video conferencing tool will be sent to him and the process is done from the side of the customer. John the lawyer will get an alert (email + push) that he has a new meeting.

The business model

As already mentioned above, John will be able to create offers for affiliate marketers. These offers will be displayed in the third part of the system (First part – The customer side, Second part – the user side, Third part – The affiliate side). The third part of the system is the board that all the offers from all the businesses that are using the system are going be shown at. Every affiliate will be able to browse this board and to choose which offer he would like to promote. Once he chose the offer he will get a tracking link that will track all the conversions that are done from his side to johns law office. The company will take 2.25% from each conversion that is done via the system. Just to clarify , the system will be 100% free for the businesses and it will charge affiliate with 2.25% ONLY when he is having a conversion. (Conversion = paid meeting).

I can sit and write about this idea for 2 days more but I think that you got the point…This system allows offline business to go online without taking care of anything and for free. The only thing that they will have to do is to integrate a link in their existing website and define the deals for the affiliates. If the deals will be attractive enough, they will get traffic, for free!

Why I’m sharing this idea with you ?? because I know that I won’t do anything with it , I have too much on my plate already and I will be happy if someone will take it to the next step. Let me know if you need any help :-)

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