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I am an entrepreneur and visionary leader with extensive experience in software product and operations management. Directing overall daily operations, setting strategic goals, supervising and motivating staff and implementing enterprise policies. Demonstrated expertise in executing and adopting new technologies, meeting company business requirements, optimising costs and growing financial results. Proven success in identifying and attaining new business development opportunities to generate and improve the revenue of the enterprise. Adept at providing new product ideas, identifying client needs, conducting research, monitoring key projects and reporting to the shareholders. Skilled in spearheading and finalizing complex product development projects within time and budgetary constraints. Instrumental in cultivating and fostering productive relations with team members, customers and stakeholders by using strong interpersonal skills.




Co-founder & Director Of Product Management, Tick Tech

This position was practically divided to 2 different roles: “Product Director” and “Managing Partner”.

As a product director in “Tick Tech” I was responsible for the innovation, design and implementation of all the products of the company:

  • CJM (Customer Journey Manager) - The CJM is an advanced marketing platform that provides the right marketing message to the right customer in the optimal time. That was the flagship product of the company and it was discovered as a great success.

  • Data driven customer segmentation and scoring model - In this model we were aiming to score and segment the customers according to their current phase in the customer life cycle. For each phase of the customer life cycle we had a business target that we wanted to achieve. The business targets were achieved by the marketing systems (CJM). This model was written in R and Implemented as a stored procedure in the DB.

  • Unique Stocks and FX trading platform – The uniqueness of this trading platform is that It allows users to start trading Stocks and FX without any previous knowledge. The main idea behind it was to create a personalized UI and UX for every customer. This UI and UX changed according to the skills progression of the customer.  The platform was developed in a “mobile first” approach, once the mobile app was polished, we started building the web platform accordingly. 

  • Operational systems that supported the daily activity of the company – Billing, Dealing, CRM and Clearing.

  • BI system that allows the analysis team to analyse the data from the first ad Impression that the customer was exposed to until his last activity on the company platform. 

  • I was directly managing the product teams in the company.  All the product activity of the company was managed in Confluence and Jira. Communication between the product team and the other teams in the company (Dev, Dev-ops, BI, Project, Creative) was done with Slack.


In the second part of my role I was acting as a managing partner. In this role I preformed the following:

  • Hiring, training, mentoring and managing the key people in the company. (CEO, Dev Manager, COO etc).

  • Established and maintained the operational and business infrastructure of the company.

  • Provided efficient strategic and tactical direction for focus product lines resulting in annual revenue growth.


CEO & Director Of Product , Naxex Technological Development
  • Built and headed a company of 300 employees in cross-functional teams, including software development, QA, BI, product / project management, IT infrastructure, HR, accounting, customer service and technical support.

  • Established and led innovative data science team. This team provided prediction models for the sales and retention activity of the group. The team used ‘R’ and IBM SPSS modeler as their main modelling tools. 

  • Led 3 teams of product managers that have created from scratch the entire product portfolio of the company:

    • Stocks and FX trading platforms – Web, Desktop, Mobile apps (Android and IOS) , Watch (Android wear).

    • State of the art CRM platform – All the prediction capabilities where implemented in this system in order to improve the results of the sales and retention teams.

    • SARA – System for automatic customer engagement. With this system the marketing teams were able to create personalized marketing flow for every customer according to his current phase in the marketing funnel.

    • BI System – Providing the analysis team the ability to create reports easily via “SAP business object” reporting tool.

  • The entire product and dev activity were managed in SharePoint and in TFS. (Microsoft team foundation server).

  • Implemented scrum development methodology in all dev teams to insure efficiency and agility. This implementation included the creation of CI\CD processes.

  • Devised and executed plans to handle technical support and customer service for the entire group (~1500 employees and hundreds of thousands of end customers).  That’s included creation of service teams, SLA’s and Service KPI’s.

  • Delivered superior implementation of ISO 27001 standard – ISO 27001 is a specification for an information security management system (ISMS). The implementation included the creation of policies and procedures of all legal, physical and technical controls involved in the organisation information risk management processes.

  • PCI DSS level one implementation - The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is an information security standard for organizations that handle branded credit cards from the major card schemes.

  • Created an employee’s empowering plan – Every employee had to be officially certified at least once a year in a topic in his own professional filled. All the training hours and training materials where provided by the company.


Vice President of Technology & Product, TradeNetworks 
  • Managed the daily activity of all technology teams in the company: Development, QA, product and project management, IT infrastructure and technical support. My main activities in this role were: Business requirements initiation and reviews , Functional and technical designs brainstorms and reviews and approvals, Project plans reviews and approvals , People management (~60 employees).

  • Boosted product quality and development efficiency through implementation and execution of scrum, TDD and CI \CD.

  • Directly led a team of product managers and took overall responsibility on all the products of the company:

    • FX and Stock trading platforms.

    • CRM.

    • Marketing Campaign management platform.

    • BI platform.

  • Led the design, development and testing of a new web-based trading platform. A highly complex project that involved 50-60 people in a variety of disciplines. This product became the flagship product of the company and it produced hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue.

  • Led a big and complex DRP (Disaster recovery plan) project. As a result of great product and marketing strategy, the customer base grew exponentially and the company could not allow any downtime of the operational systems. The DRP site allowed the company to navigate the activity of the end customers and the employees to a different site in-case of a catastrophe in the main site.

  • Spearheaded and completed the renewal of the entire technological infrastructure of the company, including production, QA and staging environments (~ 500 physical machines).

  • Led the design, creation and implementation of call center innovative infrastructure – Implemented high available open source (Asterisk) cloud infrastructure to assure 99.99% availability of the phone’s infrastructure (The main revenue generator of the company). Designed, developed and implemented an automatic provider switching software that reduced the call center costs by more than 50%.

  • Designed and implemented a non-technological business continuity plan in order to ensure the continuity of the business in case of a catastrophe.


Director of Product & Project Management iFOREX
  • Performed outstandingly to secure promotion from project / product manager to the team lead in 2008 and later to the director of product & project Management in 2010.

  • Generated and handled product specification documents and project plans to assure production meet agreed business needs and launch plans.

  • Researched and analysed market trends and competition to ensure the products competitive edge.

  • Implemented an ROI based product road map creation and maintenance methodology.

  • Designed and implemented the product and project operational infrastructure from scratch, Including:

    • Product and project tools implementation (TFS, MS project (client + server), SharePoint)

    • Scrum methodology implementation in all dev teams.

    • Recruiting, Training and managing both project and products management teams.

  • Directed 2 teams of product and project managers, by chairing weekly progress meetings, setting goals,

  • scheduling tasks and motivating individuals to increase organisational productivity.



Ruppin College 

B.Sc in Industrial Engineering, Specialization in Information Systems & data mining, 2005 Ruppin College, Israel.